Christine is most grateful to her clients for sharing their achievements to inspire others who are contemplating a course of therapy.

  • 'After having suffered with self confidence issues all my life, that were impacting my career prospects, I decided to try a few sessions of Hypnotherapy. The techniques used & the 'gentle' nature of the therapy had impressive results, allowing me to drive forward with my career with confidence. I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind for alternative therapies.' David
  • I thought you may like to know I had my viva exam yesterday. Since our last appointment I’ve been using some of the tools you showed me, which combined with the hard work studying I have done, means I passed.  It is such a relief. I feel I am at a crossroads and the options open to me are endless. Thank you for your help and support in getting me to this point. Chris
  • I thought you might like to know that when I got home yesterday I had a really good evening, my mind wasn’t babbling away all evening, and even when I got into bed when things usually really bubble over it felt as if my mind was clear. Clear is the best word for me to describe it. My mind feels clear! Amazing.  Annie
  • I am getting on really well have lost a total of 26 and a half pound to date, I have even gone so far as ordering a dress ... It is the first time I have even thought of wearing a dress in years never mind gone and bought one which is exciting and adventurous for me since I tend to play it safe instead of experimenting. ... My fitness has improved drastically, I can do the classes really well now and have started to push myself in them as well it is a real buzz to see how far I have already come thanks to the sessions with you. Dierdre
  • ‘I wish I had phoned you sooner. Thank you for giving me my life back’ G
  • ‘I finally feel like me again! Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so much for your help!’ Gemma
  • ‘Wow, I've really been having a great week! The last session was just amazing, and I feel like it's enabled me to get rid of years of baggage and self-doubt. The thoughts just don’t bother me anymore. They come up and I just put them aside. I could never do that before.’ Hannah
  • ‘My boyfriend could not believe how calm I was in the departure lounge, let alone on the plane. It’s so good to know I can travel the world again.’
  • I thought I would just drop you a note to say how helpful I have found the hypnotherapy sessions. It's been nearly a whole year since I stopped smoking, I've lost over half a stone (and kept it off over Xmas) and I will be starting a fantastic new job at the end of February. I had struggled for a long time to achieve these things and wasn't getting anywhere, however the hypnotherapy has made it not only easier but enjoyable. I will carry on using self-hypnosis to make sure I get the most out of life! Ros
  • Just wanted to let you know that I’ve come back from my blood test and other than some residual nervousness it went ok. For one thing I didn’t faint so I guess I didn’t work myself up as I would have done in the past. So I wanted to say a big thank you for your help. Hopefully this will be the start of a new relationship between me and blood tests! Hedieh
  • ‘For the first time I can remember, I've just been happy going around being me. I just feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.’ Hannah
  • ‘I gave my presentation without a trace of nerves – which was a first for me’